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How Preventive Maintenance Plays A Big Role In Fleet Success

Maintenance plays a big role in fleet success proving beneficial in the long run along with saving you from variable maintenance costs that would otherwise place a burden on your budget. Although fleets are aware of this, they are still hesitant towards implementing maintenance solutions. Primarily, this is because of fleets being unaware of how […]

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Predictive Maintenance VS Preventive Maintenance: Which Is Beneficial?

How Predictive Maintenance Can Be More Cost Effective Than Preventive Maintenance Fleets are entering a time where efficiency is rewarded heavily and the faster processes take place, the more the fleets benefit. But in the race of making processes efficient and increasing profits, fleets tend to forget about the long-term game.  Vehicles being used to […]

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The Top Two Asset Tracker Every Fleet Should Look Out For

Nearly all industries and businesses are striving to achieve high performance and efficiency. For fleets, they are required to do this while using asset trackers. If managed incorrectly, these assets may become liabilities for the business, as over time performance and efficiency can dip, resulting in an excess of resources being used and costs increasing. […]

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What You Need To Know About Finding The Right Asset Tracker Solution

Asset trackers have a proven record of bettering fleet operations as a whole and grant a high return on investment. But, unfortunately, many fleets are disappointed with their results after using a tracker due to the incorrect solution being used.    For instance, fleets working outside of cellular coverage can mistakenly implement asset trackers that […]

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3 Asset Trackers To Consider When Trying To Prevent Fleet Risks

The purpose of technology is to solve needs, especially if they pose risks to people and businesses. The same applies to fleets, who face several types of risks every day. However with telematics, the type of technology designed to improve fleet performance, is developing new ways for fleets to lower various risks that could prove […]

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Asset Trackers – What Fleets Should Consider For Asset Management

What Asset Trackers Fleets Should Be Considering   Fleets are evolving with the growing demands of the world economy. To meet demands, fleets primarily approach telematics to improve their performance in efficiency, safety, and maintenance management. In telematics, asset trackers play a big role because they provide data, and that gives fleets more control over […]

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How A Waste Management Industry Can Implement Smart Sensor Technology

Every day, people are taking steps towards building a brighter and more efficient future. Cities are moving to leverage new smarter technologies to create what is being called ‘smart cities’. While numerous industries will be critical in assisting with the growth of such smart cities, the waste management sector should not be overlooked in the […]

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Telematics Are Critical For First Responders As Emergencies Are Quickly Evolving

It goes without saying that emergencies will continue to happen, and first responders will need to evolve to meet new response needs or challenges. With the rise in population and urbanization, imperfect technologies and changes in weather from climate change first responders must review how telematics technologies can help.   How a Rise in Population […]

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Why Keyless Sharing Should Be on Every Fleet’s Radar

The global pandemic has severely affected the economy and businesses, including fleets who are still being encouraged to take precautions and reduce social interactions. When it comes to fleets and carsharing, keyless entry via IOX solutions can make it possible for fleet drivers and managers to remain distant. While ‘transferring keys’ between drivers to prevent […]

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