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Interactive Dashboard and Driver Scoring System

Use ZenScore to identify dangerous driving habits and optimize the efficiency of your fleet. ZenScore puts quantifiable assessments on driving behaviour by monitoring violations and incentivizing drivers to improve performance through contests and KPI metrics. Each driver has a safety score and an overall ranking within the fleet to allow managers to identify high risk drivers and poor driving habits while rewarding safe drivers.

Your Whole Fleet At A Glance

With the ZenScore smart dashboard, get an overview of your fleet’s status, performance, and safety. ZenScore ships with some Zenduit-made dashboards we think are useful, but you can create your own dashboards with the data that matters most to you.

As Many Dashboards As You Need

Choose from dozens of widgets, and arrange them in any layout. Set up multiple dashboards to break up data by types, vehicles, groups, etc.

Custom Widgets

ZenScore’s widgets offer multiple data visualization methods, from charts to text to interactive graphics.

Time-Based Views

Quickly switch between different time periods to get a sense of your fleet’s performance over time.

Check Out Your Fleet Performance

With the Driver Score tab, quickly assess the safety and efficiency of your drivers. Each driver is given a safety score so you can easily identify unsafe drivers and help coach them to improve. Narrow down safety scores by time-frame to see trends over time, and even export all the data to an Excel spreadsheet.
View metrics on a per-driver or per-vehicle basis to get a better understanding of your fleet. Assess efficiency by incidents overall or incidents per mile driven.

Run Contests To Encourage Performance

Create contests based on safety/efficiency performance metrics to incentivize your drivers to stay safe. Your drivers can view their standings in real-time on their mobile device, so they know exactly how well they’re doing compared to their peers.

Customize Away

With many different contest rules to compete against, keep your drivers engaged and focused.