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ZenduCAM Z6 - Multi Camera SystemIntelligent AI connected dash camera to increase the performance and safety

Real-time Insights Delivered with Connected Dash Camera

The ZenduCAM Z6 dash camera is an innovative, dual-facing surveillance solution that allows for live video streaming, accident retrieval, and distracted driving detection. It provides real-time visibility and valuable insights into overall fleet performance, helping managers increase safety and savings, it’s a fleet solution that will set you apart from your competitors
Easy to Install

Easy to Install

Get started in minutes with a plug-n-play dash camera

HD Recording Support

HD Recording Support

Supports for 1080p high-definition footage

Facial AI to Detect Distractions

Facial AI to Detect Distractions

Advanced AI facial recognition to detect distracted or tired drivers

Real-Time Coaching

Real-Time Coaching

Immediately contact drivers to provide training on the road remotely

Supports Remote Retrieval and Streaming

Supports Remote Retrieval and Streaming

For critical recorded events to understand liability within minutes

All in One Coaching Dashboard

All in One Coaching Dashboard

Insights enabled for the Fleet Managers and Drivers

Best-in-class high quality dual facing camera

ZenduCAM Z6 integrates a dual-facing camera system with a powerful image processing system. The road facing camera is a 1080p HD camera with an adjustable, 140-degree wide-angle lens. The driver-facing camera is a 720p HD lens with an IR camera for night vision to detect distracted drivers, driver drowsiness, and unsafe driving behaviors
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Best-in-class high quality dual facing camera

Real-time high-definition footage to analyze critical events

Integrated dash cameras record fully retrievable high-definition footage of what happened before, during, and after a critical event. This helps managers to analyze the road event in detail helping them to coach and protect drivers from vehicle accidents, frauds, and other unforeseen hazards
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Keep drivers alert and focused with Facial AI

Powered by ZenduiT’s Facial AI technology, dash camera can detect crucial driver distraction events such as drowsy driving, texting/eating while driving, driving without seatbelt with total accuracy. Our cameras can prevent multi-million-dollar lawsuits against your fleet that are often the result of driver violations
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Built in GPS and Wi-Fi support

The Z6 has inbuilt GPS and G-Sensor technology automatically records speed, latitude, longitude, accident events and saves footage in emergency situations. The dashcam has Wi-Fi and cellular support to view recorded footages and download videos remotely
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Coach your drivers in real-time

The dash camera has inbuilt screen and speaker systems that alert your drivers and provide coaching. The SOS button will alert the fleet manager and save the last minute of video in the event of an accident
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Automated workflows and streamline compliance with ZenduCAM

ZenduiT’s revolutionary ZenduCAM Platform remotely connects you with your dash camera ecosystem that take dash cam functionality to a new level. Our platform automatically detects violations, critical events and uploads them on a secure dashboard. Fleet managers can view trip history, driving violations, HD footages and other key details that are required for further review
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Technical Features

ZenduCAM Z6

Front and driver facing cameras

1080P front HD camera with adjustable viewing angle

Additional cameras ability to connect up to 4 additional cameras

720P HD driver facing camera with integrated IR and adjustable viewing angle

Anti – Tampering SD card and SIM card

Support for up to 128 GB (SD Card not included) SD Card


What is a Front and Rear Dash Cam / Dual Facing Dash Cam?

A dual-facing dash cam (also commonly referred to as a front and rear-facing dash cam or front and rear dash cam) has one lens that faces the road, and a second lens positioned in-cab (facing the driver) in a single camera module. Attached to the vehicle’s windshield or rear-view mirror, the camera simultaneously records events both behind the wheel and on the road, offering twice the efficiency – and twice the safety – of a singular lens.

Having the ability to view what’s on the road, as well as who is behind the wheel, helps protect your drivers, your assets, and your business from risk and liability, from the most common to the unexpected

When does the dashcam start recording?

The fleet tracking dashcam starts recording as soon as the ignition is turned on. Even if the vehicle is stationary, Z6 has in-built battery backup which helps fleet managers to record video footage even if the vehicle is stationary or switched off

What events are captured?

This dash cam captures the events and risks that you consider important, including harsh braking, distracted or drowsy driving, speeding, and so on

Can videos be live streamed?

The ZenduCAM Z6 Dash Cam provides live video streaming capabilities, giving you real-time visibility into your fleet, drivers, and assets

Can the dash cam record audio?

Yes, however this feature can be turned off based on your preference

Is it possible to record at night or in lowlight?

Yes, The driver-facing cameras are a 720p HD lens with an IR camera for night vision. The road-facing lens uses natural ambient light and leverages any artificial light from its surroundings

How is the dash cam installed?

The ZendCAM Z6 can be installed on your windshield in seconds. If you’re unsure about installing it yourself, we can help!