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How Dashcams Influence Insurance

December 30, 2019


How Dashcams Influence Insurance

Whether a business has three company vehicles or thirty, fleet managers always feel the stress of being liable if there is a driving incident. However, with new technologies being installed in vehicles, managers are starting to notice that there are tools available to help protect them. Specifically, how beneficial dash cameras are for their business as dashcams influence insurance. Since these onboard cameras (such as the ZenduCAM Z6) record everything in view, many are finding that it is well worth the investment. 


ZenduCAM Z6: What Is It? 


The ZenduCAM Z6 is an innovative dash camera that allows fleets to have cutting edge visibility of their vehicles on the road. Specifically, it embodies the advanced features of live-streaming, accident retrieval, distracted driving detection, reporting, data analytics, as well as two-way communication. The Z6 is a camera that is installed within the cabin of the commercial vehicle so it can view both the road ahead as well as the driver. Its vast AI functionalities allow it to monitor for various unsafe driving behaviours during both daylight and nighttime hours. 


zeducam z6


How Fleets Are Using Dashcams 


The Z6 is a device that businesses are not only using to streamline operations, gather data and ensure safety, but it is also being praised for helping fleets with their insurance needs. This is possible as the dash camera can be used to provide insurance companies with more driving details. Specifically, more reliable information about driving habits and incidents since everything is automatically recorded. 


How Dashcams Influence Insurance Coverage 


For many insurance providers, dash cameras are becoming increasingly useful as it provides more data about a business. This is especially useful not only during the claims process but while determining coverage options as well. Since all of the data and video footage is recorded and stored on the cloud, it is easy to pull up whenever required. When discussing commercial auto insurance for fleets, this is evident when disputing false claims or tickets. 


Reliability During Crash For Cash Scams 


As previously mentioned, insurance companies typically favour fleets (in some cases with lower premiums) who utilize camera solutions since there is more data available. This is because innovative camera solutions such as the Z6 provides reliable and untampered evidence of driving events. As insurance companies are currently focusing their attention towards limiting insurance fraud, having reliable footage of driving events can make all the difference. 


For example, crash for cash scams are a serious problem, not only ethically, but financially. Crash for cash scams are accidents which were deliberately caused with the intention of filing a false claim. For businesses, these scams can be detrimental for their business as it not only makes their fleet more risky to insure, but the publicity can be unforgiving. 


Where a robust camera solution such as the ZenduCAM Z6 comes to the rescue in scenarios like this, is during the dispute process. Specifically when a fleet denies liability during a driving incident. If properly functioning, a dash camera can provide evidence while disputing a claim. Meaning, if another driver deliberately caused a driving incident involving one of your fleet vehicles, you are able to show video footage of what happened. In cases where it is truly a scam, or was not you drivers fault, it will be visible. Being able to show this type of evidence drastically reduces the length of the claims process as reports no longer solely rely on witness statements. 


Reliability While Disputing Tickets 


Similar to being able to exonerate false claims as mentioned above, dash cameras can also be used by corporations to exonerate tickets. Specifically, if the ticket issued was not true to the events that transpired. This is critical for businesses to know and take advantage of as it can help maintain favourable insurance coverage in the future. When tickets are issued for driving infractions, depending on the quantity of tickets and the seriousness of the ticket, it could affect the insurance coverage provided to a fleet. Meaning, when tickets are issued that do not speak accurately to the events that transpired, the tickets can negatively impact your business! Not only financially by requiring higher premiums, but even lack of insurance as some companies may find your business too risky to cover. 


For example, if your fleet is continuously receiving tickets for speeding, some insurance companies may assume that due to the already dangerous infractions, you are a ‘high risk’ to insure. Leading to more costly premiums in the future. However, if the speeding ticket was unwarranted and can be shown through your dashcam footage, it can be disputed and possibly exonerated.


Whether you’re looking to increase visibility, reliability or exonerate faulty tickets or claims, a dash camera is something that you need. Be sure to check out the ZenduCAM Z6 which uses innovative AI and surveillance technology to help fleets. If you’re interested in learning more about how dashcams influence insurance, or how you can see benefits from adopting them, contact us today.