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Bluetooth Asset Tracking

The ZenBeacon provides an alternative to RFID tracking via Bluetooth Low-Energy beacons. With a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Radio, the beacons have a long battery life with a range of up to 250m. The devices are IP68 water and dust resistant with an operating temperature from −40°C to +80°C.

Smart Data Reporting

The ZenBeacons have a set of sensors you can use to monitor the status and conditions of your assets. The temperature sensor shows the current temperature in degrees Celsius at approximately 1 minute intervals from −40°C to +80°C. The light sensor takes light readings at approximately 1 minute intervals at a full-scale range of 16000LUX. The beacons can also report their own battery percentage.

The BTB-05

The smaller beacon comes in a form factor of only 33 mm x 41 mm x 12 mm.

The BTB-04

The larger beacon is 57 mm x 43 mm x 17 mm and comes with a few extra features. It has a buzzer that reach 75 dB and an accelerometer that reports when the asset has moved.

Convenient Software

With the Trax software available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, you can view asset location from anywhere. Our secure cloud dashboard has an up-time of 99.999% so you’ll always be up to date with live fleet metrics.

A Fleet Dashboard

View all live asset information as well as historical location data. Give each asset a name and icon to quickly identify them.