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Driver Distraction Camera

Live Safety Monitoring and Accident Prevention

The Driver Distraction Camera is the world’s most advanced fatigue detection and driver distraction alert camera. The detection is focused on a driver’s physical indicators, such as gaze direction and facial features that reflect a driver’s overall alertness. For added safety, the Driver Distraction Camera produces a sound alert in case a driver gets distracted or is falling asleep.

Stop Preventable Accidents

The Driver Distraction Camera features intelligent Facial Recognition Technology which detects when a driver is distracted. Gestures and actions that the camera can monitor for include: texting, eating, micro-sleeping, yawning, and other indicators of unsafe driving. If a driver appears distracted or drowsy, an alert will sound to gain the attention of the driver.

Use in Any Vehicle

With a 160 degree viewing angle, the driver distraction camera will be able to see your driver in even the smallest of cabins.

Night Vision Equipped

12 infrared LEDs lets the Driver Distraction Camera keep your driver safe in the darkest conditions. Since the lights are infrared and invisible to the human eye, your driver won’t be blinded by any flash.

Painless Installation

Installation is simple and easy thanks to a smartphone calibration app on both Android and iOS. The mounting and setup process is easy, with only one cable plugged into the camera.