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ZenduCAM 360 – Multi Camera SolutionIntegrate the power of video and telematics data to reduce risk, increase safety and ensure sustainable business

Multi-Camera Solution for 360º Fleet Vision

Conceptualized specifically for high-value fleet operators, ZenduCAM 360, integrates purpose-designed DVR along with an array of high-quality, rugged external and in-cabin cameras to provide 360° coverage around your fleet. This eliminates blind spots thus drastically improving the overall safety while reducing the number of fleet and pedestrian-related incidents.
Up to 5 Channel Camera System

Up to 5 Channel Camera System

For side, rear and internal camera set up

AI and ADAS Enabled

AI and ADAS Enabled

Monitor high-risk behavior to prevent accidents before they can happen

HD Recording Support

HD Recording Support

Supports for 1080p high-definition footage

Remote Retrieval and Live Streaming

Remote Retrieval and Live Streaming

For critical recorded events to understand liability within minutes

All in One Coaching Dashboard

All in One Coaching Dashboard

Insights enabled for the Fleet Managers and Drivers

360 Degree Visibility

360 Degree Visibility

Eliminates blind spots and reduces risks of theft & pilferage

Eliminates blind spots and improve safety with 360º visibility

Highly configurable hardware

ZenduCAM 360 – Multi-Camera system integrates an array of best-in-class purpose-driven video and telematics systems that can be customized based on vehicles and requirements to suit your needs thus offering maximum flexibility, for fleet operations
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Highly configurable hardware

Real-time high-definition footage to analyze critical events

Integrated dash cameras record fully retrievable high-definition footage of what happened before, during, and after a critical event. The 360-degree footage of drivers’ trips helps managers to analyze the road event in detail helping them to coach and protect drivers from vehicle accidents, frauds, and other unforeseen hazards.
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Eliminate blind spots via 360-degree visibility

The multi dash cam solution combines powerful front, rear, near, and offside camera setup in addition to driver-facing and road-facing cameras to enhance the drivers' visibility of what is behind and beside them, thus preventing blind-spot collisions and increasing driver’s performance.
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Protect fleet from theft and vandalism

The solution is hugely effective as a theft deterrent. If the fleet is vandalized or broken into, the cameras on both the inside and outside of the fleet or cargo will be able to capture the convict on video and help authorities further the investigation process along.
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Remote retrieval of fleet footage and positioning

The solution comes with built-in GPS capabilities and the option of fully connected 4G / 3G LTE modules which helps managers to track and access real-time position and video footage of their fleet operations. ZenduCAM 360 also combines the real-time GPS data along with the footage from multi-cameras to provide comprehensive visibility into driver performance, fleet usage, cargo condition, and other aspects of fleet operations on the go.
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Take informed decision with the ZenduCAM platform

The solution automatically captures and uploads harsh driving and other critical events to the ZenduCAM platform. By utilizing ZenduCAM’s proprietary safety scorecards, risk reports, benchmarking tools, and in-depth analytics, the solution provides a detailed analysis of the incident and highlights events that need further review. Fleet managers can access high-definition footage for further context and coaching.
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Technical Features

CA20S – In-Cabin camera

1/2.8” 2M pixel CMOS;

Design scheme: IMX307+EXDI771T;

Resolution: 1920H*1080V;

Minimum illumination: 0.05lux;

Electronic shutter (automatic): full color and automatic white balance

Built in mic

C24 – Side View Camera

1/2.8'' progressive scan CMOS

Resolution: 1920H*1080V

Minimum illumination: 0.05lux(Color), 0lux(IR on)

Electronic shutter (auto), day to night, white balance (auto)

IR fill light range: 20m

Lens: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm lens available

Video Output: POE(48V, with RJ45 port or M12 D-Type port) or PON(with 6-pin aviation port)

Three streams: Main stream, Sub stream, Net stream

XMAN - Rear View Camera

1/3〃1.3M pixel progressive scan CMOS

Resolution: 1280H*720V

Minimum illumination: [email protected]

Electronic shutter (auto), day to night, white balance (auto)

IR fill light range: 5-10m

Lens: 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm lens available

Video Output: AHD coaxial HD output, 4-pin aviation cable

Three streams: Main stream, Sub stream, Net stream

AHD Mini Dome Camera

1/3” 1.3M pixel CMOS

Resolution: 1280H*720V

Minimum illumination: 0.1Lux(IR off) /0Lux (IR on) F1.2

Electronic shutter (auto), day to night, white balance (auto)

IR fill light range: 5-8m

Lens: 2.5,2.8,3.6mm M12(Optional)

Video Output: 1.0Vp-p AHD video output, 75 Ω, 4pin DIN JACK

Three streams: Main stream, Sub stream, Net stream

Built in mic

M1N-H0401 DVR

Embedded Linux operating system

AHD with AI function extension

H.265/H.264 encoding and decoding to improve the memory space utilization

Dual SD cards

Remote upgrade and maintenance;

Good anti-vibration performance, simple design, flexible and easy installation

Comprehensive functions and high reliability


What are multi-channel camera systems?

Multi-channel camera systems allow fleet administrators to keep tabs on their drivers and their vehicles while on the job. Multi-channel cameras are composed of multiple units that function on more than one radio frequency, which are then used to transmit information and footage for review on-demand.

How multi-channel drive recorders benefit commercial vehicles

In the event of a collision, liability tends to lie with a fleet company, even if they aren’t at fault for the incident. Statistically, this is because it’s assumed that a fleet can cover insurance claims better than civilians.

Multi-channel cameras offer relief from hefty insurance claims and lengthy liability cases. Real-time, detailed footage that identifies what went on before, during and after a collision goes a long way in exonerating both your drivers and your organization.

Multi-channel camera systems give you time back to focus on other aspects of your business. Installation is simple, fast, and doesn’t require third-party professionals.

What are the advantages of multicamera system over single, dual or best 3 channel dash cam?

Restricted vision

Most dashcams are limited to a max of 3 channel dash cam, or have only a road-facing view. Vehicles that work in close proximity areas such as city departments or residential areas, can be more susceptible to accidental bumps against the side and rear of the vehicle.

In an event of accident, forward-facing dashcams won’t capture the events that occur before and after an accident. A multi-camera setup can help to gather evidence for dispute with the insurance company since it records pre-event footage and post-event footage from multiple views.

Limited storage capacity

There is limited storage capacity for single or dual channel camera systems which does not exceeds 300 MB. Multi-channel camera system utilizes a DVR which has a much larger 1TB hard drive providing weeks rather than days’ worth of footage. the footage of their fleets. The recorded footage is particularly useful for incidents that aren’t reported immediately such as claims about damages or dangerous driving

The DVR has inbuilt AI and cellular capabilities which enables users to remotely record or live stream

Can multi-channel camera system protect against cargo theft and vandalism

External cameras system can be custom configured to capture footage in the parking mode when the engine is turned off and driver has locked the vehicle.

External cameras are intended to provide an “eyewitness” account to protect delivery vans or other multi-stop vehicles which may have to park in awkward places. They can capture number plates, theft face, activity and other information if the driver returns to find the vehicle is damaged.

How does camera inside the trailer / cargo container benefit fleet owners

Cameras installed inside the container is part of the multi-channel camera system. It helps fleet owners to record how the vehicle’s goods have been loaded or unloaded and can protect the vehicle from cargo theft at unauthorized stops. They can verify remotely that a delivery has been made and provide evidence if problems occurred.