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The ZenduOne Marketplace

A complete range of fleet applications available to install with just ONE click.

Scalable & Expandable

With over 15 applications available and many in development, you can rest easy knowing that all of your clients will be supported.

Simple & Seamless

Users can search and install apps on their own, empowering your clients and their fleets more than ever.

Supported & Customizable

Not only can you discreetly adjust customer pricing and add your own branding, but ZenduIT support is here to help your clients while they use the marketplace.

How Does ZenduONE Work?

Apply To Be A Reseller

Complete the appropriate forms to educate us on your company and your customers

Setup Your Branded Marketplace

Once approved, sign into your personal marketplace and begin customizing it! Add your own branding or logo and unique pricing

Start Selling To Your Customers

Begin to share the marketplace with your clients and automatically invoice them based on the applications they choose to install.

Earn Recurring Revenue

Once setup, ZenduONE earns revenue with no intervention on your side. App installations are completed by the customer and training is performed by the ZenduIT Team!

The NEW ZenduONE Mobile App

A one stop shop for all your solution needs.

By having access to all of ZenduIT’s applications through mobile devices, with a few clicks users can manage fleet operations from anywhere. All users have to do is download the mobile app from the IOS or PlayStore and login to their ZenduIT database.

The ZenduCAM Mobile App

To make it easier than ever to manage driver behaviour and fleet safety, the ZenduONE Mobile app connects with ZenduCAM databases. Meaning, fleet managers can remotely coach drivers based on unsafe driving criteria and drivers can learn on-the-go at their own pace.

Step 1: Triggering Rules Based On Driving Events

Alerts and notifications are set up if a driving incident or driving rule is triggered by a driver.

Step 2: Transmitting And Reviewing Events

Once an event is triggered, the video will be sent to managers to review and either dismiss or escalate the event. If the event is escalated, the user will be able to conduct training to coach the driver in what was incorrectly done during the event.

Step 3: Self-Coaching Opportunities

If escalated, the driver will be prompted to review and acknowledge the event. Allowing for the driver to self-train themselves of what behaviours they will need to change.

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“We at AC Trucking have been working with Zenduit for almost 3 months now and are very satisfied. In that time we have installed cameras in all of our tractors, we’ve had group webinars, one on one training and received excellent support, which was always just a phone call away … I highly recommend adding Zenduit to your safety program.”

Mike Schmidt, Client

“ZenduIT provides a wide range of cloud and system integration services. Whether open source, proprietary, or custom built, their developers can get all your technology platforms working together as one.”

Chester Pierce, Client

“We have been using ZenduCam-Camera systems for many of our clients and have been very happy with their performance and reliability. If we ever had any issues, customer support has been easily accessible and very knowledgeable. I would recommend the camera systems to anyone.”

Michael Hunt Client

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