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Car Stereo Plus – ZenduMessenger

May 31, 2019

Jayant Arora

Car Stereo Plus – ZenduMessenger

Car Stereo Plus used ZenduMessenger as their line for direct communication between drivers, managers, and dispatcher. Reducing the efficiency brought by messaging through email, due to messages being lost in email clutter. In addition to the unprofessionalism of using text messaging as corporate messages are mixed with personal messages.

Using ZenduMessenger, messages are sent directly, and managers can see if employees are online to view their messages. With the ability to share images, videos, pdf and even emojis nothing is compromised through ZenduMessenger. In addition ZenduMessenger ties into their dispatching software ZenduWork. See for yourself today how Car Stereo Plus has the ability to consolidate all software through one platform.

The key features for Car Stereo Plus is that it is integrated with their dispatching software, meaning managers can message directly from their desktop while dispatching work orders.

CSP utilizes ZenduMessenger to consolidate all their companies communication. This allows them to avoid the ineffectiveness of communicating through multiple platforms such as texts, emails, phone calls, and WhatsApp.

The unique feature for the messaging app ZenduMessenger being integrated with our dispatching software ZenduWork, Car Stereo Plus needed only one platform to send, track and complete work orders, while also communicating live with drivers.

Because of ZenduMessenger messages are no longer lost due to email and text message clutter. Previously the dispatcher would miss valuable information from the drivers, due to multiple messages and other messages in their inbox. Creating a disorganized mess.

Dispatchers are able to request images of work sites from their drivers, increasing the amount of information the dispatcher has on the work order, resulting in improved oversight and understandings.

A perfect example of quick messaging capability of ZenduMessenger. When a driver arrives on a work site, and there is a change in circumstances that the driver must be notified of such as needing to see a specific manager at the customer side. The dispatcher is able to reach the driver directly with the information needed to remain on-time and ready to complete the work order.

A mixture of unprofessional platform and disorganized multi-messaging platforms creates a highly ineffective messaging method.

In addition, using personal and public messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or texts, professional work messages are mixed with personal non-work related messages. Creating an unprofessional method of communication.

The previous method of communication was not able to give CSP all the communication capabilities needed. ZenduMessenger meets these needs; providing file, photo, pdf, audio sharing capabilities and more… Meaning there are no bounds to the sharing capabilities of the platform.

The multi-platform capability of ZenduMessenger allows the dispatcher to text and message drivers through their desktop computer. Then, drivers can respond either through their tablets or cell phones. This allows the dispatcher to only need one device to complete their entire workflow such as dispatching and monitor work orders using ZenduWork, while also messaging drivers.

The ability to use desktop, tablet and mobile combined with the one-platform solution means that the entire companies workflow and communication are consolidated under one platform. Meaning there is only one log-in email and password needed for the entire company. A cost-effective solution that improves productivity.

ZenduMessenger is the solution used for improving corporate communication and information. Car Stereo Plus used ZenduMessenger as their standard company communication platform, and communication has been direct and effective.

The multitude of features is great for Car Stereo Plus, as they can share files, images, videos, and even emojis. A great feature is the mentions feature, which allows the user to mention another user using the @name feature, which notifies the user that they have an important message to view.

Through the use of ZenduMessenger the manager no longer has to deal with the inconvenience of email clutter or coming through multiple platforms for a message.

Car Stereo Plus dispatchers receive over 300 messages a day. Utilizing the one-platform solution of ZenduMessenger, dispatchers are able to remain up to date at all times, while also reducing response time delay by (20%).

Testimonial or Quotes from Customer

“ZenduMessenger gives me the ability to remain on top of my messages, no more email clutter.” – Lindsey, Dispatching Manager

“With ZenduMessenger used for only company messaging, drivers do not miss important messages.” – Lindsey, Dispatching Manager