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Top 7 Benefits of the ZenduONE Mobile App

June 9, 2022


Top 7 Benefits of the ZenduONE Mobile App

Fleet safety, transparency and efficiency are top priorities for any fleet manager. In the search for smarter, scalable tech solutions, the benefits of the ZenduONE mobile app promises to be an innovative option. 

ZenduCam is perhaps one of the most impressive fleet dash cam options available today. When connected to the ZenduONE platform via the app, fleet managers have an impressive roster of insights and tools at their disposal to remotely contact, communicate with, reroute and coach drivers, all with one touch. 

Consider some of the core benefits of adding this technology to your fleet.

#1: Use Live Data to Make Quick Decisions

Because the ZenduONE mobile app’s functionality allows it to offer real-time data access, fleet managers gain more visibility into what is occurring within their fleet at any given time. 

From driving behaviour, vehicular fuel economy and optimized routes to hours of service (HOS), this live data allows fleet managers to make decisions about their operations at a glance and course correct where necessary. 

#2: Identify Problems Fast

The ZenduONE mobile app allows fleet managers to establish rules that, when triggered, allow the manager to determine what is happening with the driver, either in-cab or on the road. 

For example, a driver who brakes hard and often is likely in a rush, putting themselves and other drivers at risk. A triggered alert notifies the fleet manager in real-time, allowing him or her to contact the driver and correct if necessary.

#3: Record Events for Future Review

While all notifications are important, not all require your immediate attention. With the mobile app, it is possible to maintain a record of occurrences for future use, such as in a training session.

This allows coaching at a more appropriate time and when it is most likely to be effective.

#4: Enable Self-Training

Most motorists develop bad driving habits over time. The ZenduONE platform gives your drivers the ability to learn from their mistakes and improve their behaviour on the road.

If a triggered alert is escalated, the driver will be prompted to review and acknowledge the event. 

#5: Easy to Use

The ZenduONE mobile app is one component of a comprehensive plan to reduce driver accidents and improve operational safety. For this to happen, the app must be intuitive and easy to use.

There is no extensive training required to implement or use the ZenduONE app, either by drivers of by fleet management. 

#6: Reduce Insurance Claims

By improving driver awareness and reducing distractions or errors, the app makes it possible to reduce the number of accidents on roadways and save your company money

Video footage from ZenduCam can be used the moment an incident occurs, or can be stored later to be used as evidence in the event of an insurance claim.

#7: The ZenduONE Mobile App is an Affordable Solution

While the ZenduONE mobile app may seem like a significant investment, it’s not out of reach for your fleet. Our scalable system offers mobile access to all of ZenduiT’s leading fleet management solutions, but only incorporates the apps that you select, based on your fleet’s specific needs.

The ease of use means that you and your drivers can start using the app immediately, and your organization can begin to see results sooner than expected.

Want to learn more? Contact us at to learn more about our comprehensive dash cams and see how easily they can integrate with the ZenduONE app.