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A Brief Review of Our Year and What’s Coming Down the Pipeline

January 5, 2021

Victoria Gole

A Brief Review of Our Year and What’s Coming Down the Pipeline

When looking back at our company over the last 365 days, it’s easy to see that many things have changed – not only on a business level, but on a social level as a result of the ongoing pandemic. With that being said, we took a moment to sit down with our CTO Vishal Singh to review the last year.

What is an Accomplishment That Happened That Was Not on Zenduit’s Original Roadmap for 2020? 

Before 2020 started, we took the time to create a detailed roadmap projecting certain goals and successes that we wanted to achieve. While this varied from sales and marketing goals to product development and integration, there were a few things we ended up doing that was shown to be a success even though it wasn’t included in our original roadmap.

AI and Managed Service 

We were able to take our managed service human reviewers and use the data we collected to enhance our algorithms and machine learning for rules and alerts in our solutions. More specifically we were able to add features like tagging potholes and other types of objects to create alerts in addition to building big data analysis and machine learning to understand which roads needed to be fixed. 


We also grew Trax to be more than just a camera platform as it now supports a variety of asset trackers and BLE solutions. These BLE beacons have been successful and are known to provide fleets with new opportunities in relation to monitoring temperature related issues, cold chain custody as well as indoor tracking for assets and even COVID contact tracing in hospitals.

These additional successes opened the door to providing an all-encompassing solution to customers and partners. Meaning they were able to better leverage the solutions they already had in place to improve ROI and finances. 

What is an Overarching Goal on Zenduit’s Roadmap For 2021? 

As we can’t publicize all of our roadmap goals for 2021, we can share some initiatives that we are putting forward. One major focus is the wide integration and utilization of artificial intelligence (AI). Since AI is critical to automating and making our systems more accurate it’s something we are always reviewing and trying to leverage.

AI is important for our business as we find that managers or users of our platform don’t have time to address and review all of the video events that are recorded in our Trax and ZenduCAM platform. AI would be extremely beneficial in telling us what events actually matter by automatically scoring and defining the priority of events. In turn, this data can better allow our solutions to predict and focus on important events. 

As it is part of our core mission to give time back to our customers, this is something we are passionate about investing in and pursuing for the foreseeable future. This is why we initially decided to launch managed service.

What Trends are Coming in 2021 that Zenduit is Preparing For? 

We are preparing for the possibility of numerous things to happen in 2021. While some may not 100% play out, it’s critical for us to remain agile and ready for anything so we can properly support our customers regardless of industry trends or events. In 2021, we believe that artificial intelligence will become a necessity for all telematics service providers to use as there is just not enough time to comb through all of the data that is continuously collected.  As well, we foresee telematics solutions being used as a response plan to industry changes which require cost savings or financial addressing. For many fleets, this already happened as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What Else Did Zenduit Do in 2020? 

We attended Geotab’s biggest in-person conference to date, Connect 2020 in February in San Diego.

We launched ZenduONE, Zenduit’s own marketplace that allows users to leverage various solutions like ZenduScore, ZenduLearn, ZenduCAM, Public Maps, Bus ETA and ZenduMaintenance

We launched a Geotab-Truckmate integration to focus on better streamlining everyday tasks that dispatchers and drivers need to complete.

We launched a Zenduit-made mapping solution, ZenduMaps.

We launched ZenduWork, an innovative dispatching solution that streamlines efforts, improves work order processes, optimizes dispatched routes and more.

We released ZenFalcon, a temperature monitoring solution that can digitally track and report on temperatures within trailers to ensure cold chain integrity. 

We released ZenduCheck, a COVID-19 symptom monitoring solution to ensure drivers are healthy (or symptom-free) and safe to work.

We continued to update ZenduCAM to have the most innovative features like device support for the ZenFalcon, a hyperlapse feature to review driving events, a proximity feature to better review driver history, countless improvements to the tagging feature and more.

We were featured in various online articles on Tu-Auto.com to discuss driver monitoring in fleets, driverless technology and safety, as well as the governments role in driving driverless technology forward. We were also featured on CCJ (Commercial Carrier Journal) Digital and IWCE’s Urgent Communications.

Over the last year, a lot has changed, and our team has grown exponentially. With a new year upon us, we are looking forward to the changes we can make to help fleets better manage their operations with the use of telematics solutions and how Zenduit can remain an integral part of their future! 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the information in this article, contact us today!