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Now Available On Trax: The ZenFalcon Temperature Solution

September 15, 2020

The Product Team

Now Available On Trax: The ZenFalcon Temperature Solution

The ZenFalcon Temperature Solution is now available on Trax to help fleets protect their investments in temperature-sensitive cargo. Using telematics such as this can ensure teams remain compliant to FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) regulations related to minimum temperature guidelines and cold chain custody reporting. 


Mississauga, ON – September, 15 2020 – ZenduIT, a leader in value added telematics solutions and integrations has announced the availability of the ZenFalcon Temperature Solution. This temperature tracking device is essential to ensuring that fleets are maintaining strict temperature control and reporting.


The ZenFalcon – How Temperature Tracking Is Possible 

The ZenFalcon Temperature Solution is a device that allows fleets to measure the temperature, moisture and humidity of its immediate location. In addition to this, it can also monitor and record the GPS locations of assets it is included in. As the device can be either hardwired or battery powered, the ZenFalcon can be configured to send updates of the readings based on set time intervals.


Who Is Taking Advantage Of It? 


Since the ZenFalcon’s differentiating feature is its ability to measure the temperature, moisture and humidity of its immediate location, the tracker is being allocated to industries that focus on the transportation of food and drugs, or other temperature-sensitive cargo. 


Temperature Monitoring Uses


The ZenFalcon Temperature Solution can be used in various industries where the environmental conditions can be monitored and alerted if they exceed or fall below certain points. More specifically the following is possible: 


  • Ensure proper transportation conditions are met while on route
  • Notify key individuals like managers or drivers if there is a breach or unsafe change in temperatures
  • Ensure that strict FDA (Food and Drug Administration) FSMA regulations are met
  • Reduce food and cargo waste related to improper storage of temperature-sensitive goods
  • Reduce rejected loads related to improper storage of temperature-sensitive goods
  • Ensure proper reporting and record keeping relating to cold chain custody


Interested to learn more? Check out our article that speaks to how ZenFalcon sensors are used within the food transport industry: Food Transportation and High Temperatures Never Mix


Additional Features


  • Enhanced accuracy with GPS tracking
  • Wifi positioning to allow for indoor asset location
  • IP67 rated housing so it is rugged and weatherproof
  • Battery-powered by 3 x AA batteries and battery life monitoring for accurate battery use and remaining power predictions
  • The option for hardwired power
  • The option to be powered with Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) batteries
  • The option to connect additional sensors to allow for better environmental monitoring with I²C Sensor Interface
  • Customizable inputs and outputs
  • Recovery Mode that allows users to activate live-tracking at 30-second intervals if theft occurs
  • Configure devices to send periodic or movement-based updated


Getting Started


  1. Acquire and properly install ZenFalcon Temperature Solutions as per install instructions and specifications
  2. Pair the device(s) with tracking solutions such as Trax to allow for temperature and asset tracking to be closely monitored


About ZenduIT


We develop intelligent fleet and field service solutions by leveraging our expertise in IoT software development, fleet management, and consulting to help our clients see measurable results. We focus on improving efficiency, profitability and overall success through the use of customizable telematics technology.


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