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Introducing ZenduONE: Your Next Solutions Marketplace

January 21, 2020


Introducing ZenduONE: Your Next Solutions Marketplace

In the past, businesses have found that they see great success when all of their applications and software solutions are organized within one platform. This is the same for those who rely on using IoT telematics tools to not only remain compliant to current regulations, but rely on it to streamline operations and stay productive. As a way to help organizations continue to do this, ZenduIT is proud to have recently launched an innovative, fully-featured marketplace platform. With over 15 applications available through the ZenduONE Marketplace, businesses can continue to see growth and success as they use telematics technology. 


What Is The ZenduONE Marketplace?


ZenduONE is a one-stop-shop that allows users to have the opportunity to resell proven ZenduIT telematic solutions to their customers. This marketplace integrates with GEOTAB and Trax to provide resellers with the power to customize branding and pricing on ZenduONE. Currently, it provides solutions to drastically improve efforts in regards to maintenance management, business intelligence, learning management, workflow management, as well as those who would like to take advantage of in-vehicle camera systems, custom mapping and GIS tools. 


Some popular applications to highlight are ZenduScore, ZenduLearn, ZenduCAM, Public Maps, Bus ETA, and ZenduMaintenance


Who Will Find It Useful?


The ZenduONE Marketplace is highlighted to be useful for both resellers as well as end-customers. Since the platform allows for many applications to be available at the click of a button, it provides vast possibilities for users. Additionally, the platform only requires resellers to sign up for the platform and customize the pricing. All of the installations are completed by the user and training as well as the support is provided by an experienced support team at ZenduIT. 


So, the platform is extremely valuable to resellers since it can be a simple, recurring and hands-off way to earn revenue. 


In terms of the end-user, any fleets who require IoT solutions for their business can find value in it. As they are able to integrate nearly every aspect of their organization, they can have complete visibility of their team, their efforts, and their success. 


Should You Use It? 


Marketplace platforms are beneficial for all of the parties involved. When discussing ZenduONE, resellers and end-customers both see benefits. As previously mentioned, resellers are able to maintain a hands-off approach to providing their customers with the solutions they need to be successful. This continues as training and support is not their responsibility. Rather, the support team at ZenduIT will be responsible for it. When speaking about end-customers, ZenduONE is extremely beneficial as they can have many solutions at their disposal. All they have to do is simply install the applications to their dashboard and launch them. 


If you’re interested in learning more about how an innovative marketplace like ZenduONE can be useful for your business or what applications are included, contact us today.