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Improving Any Operation With Total Asset Tracking

June 15, 2021


Improving Any Operation With Total Asset Tracking

When we talk about asset tracking, the first things that come to mind for most fleet managers are their vehicles and the people who drive them. But when you choose to synchronize and integrate your fleet’s business efforts with a telematics solution, what often gets overlooked are those assets that aren’t immediately apparent, be it payload, inventory, or even business operations. Misplacing or mismanaging those assets can result in costly losses. Read on to see how ZenduIT can improve your operations with asset tracking.


Asset Tracking


There are many asset tracker options available on the market; how they differ is based primarily on how the tracking device transmits information. Cellular trackers use a cellular network to transmit data. Similarly, satellite trackers use satellite connectivity to transmit asset data, and can be slightly more reliable than cellular trackers if your fleet travels outside of cellular coverage. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons can also track data about your assets, but require BLE readers to do so.


Self-sustaining asset monitoring can include either battery or solar-powered trackers, the latter of which tend to last longer due to a constant renewable energy source. The tracking device you choose will depend on your business needs.




Make sure your goods arrive on time. Our asset tracking solutions protect the things you value and keep you connected while those assets are in transit. Reduce the risk of lost or stolen goods with dynamic tracking tools that allow you to locate and follow along. Asset trackers can track trailers, containers, generators and other assets, and the collected data allows you to stay on top of maintenance, avoid unexpected issues, pinpoint exactly how assets are being used to maximize their productivity, and provide customers with updates on the status of their goods. Trackers solve for assets that are underutilized, disorganized or misplaced, three common challenges for fleet managers.


Asset Monitoring


Asset tracking keeps your fleet connected and efficient by not only tracking your vehicles, but by monitoring corporate equipment, gauging internal temperature (for cold chain tracking) and by offering streamlined reporting, free of superfluous data. Many tracking systems offer “live maps”, meaning assets are arranged in a single view format. This allows you to identify, assess and monitor hundreds of assets, a crucial step to preventing loss or theft. Asset monitoring allows you to better manage facility assets by locating equipment, tools, and personnel easily and save precious work hours by locating assets in real time, reducing equipment loss and ensuring you’re increasing asset utilization while maximizing overall efficiency.


Status Updates And Continuous Data Performance


With asset tracking, you can ensure that you receive location data in real time, and set status updates at regular intervals that make sense for your time and schedule. Continuous data performance can predict delays, improve the reliability of your fleet, and even alert you to maintenance issues, all of which drastically reduce downtime, so you can get busy and get ahead.


Cold Chain Tracking


Ensure compliance with FDA and FSMA regulations with cold chain tracking, which allows you to analyze the route, monitor asset temperature from beginning to end, and assess delivery status, while catching anomalies in real time. In addition to temperature, cold chain tracking can also monitor a range of sensors such as temperature, moisture, humidity. With ZenduIT, you can also pair tracking and temperature monitoring solutions with mapping and dispatching software, enabling you to fix issues before they happen. 


Real-Time Notifications


Use asset tracking to monitor equipment location on a worksite or in a warehouse to track assets big and small. Track on any mobile device, so you always have data immediately at hand, and set up real-time notifications for an immediate alert if there is unauthorized movement, such as theft. Furthermore, instant alerts allow you to analyze events for pain points or problem areas, which drastically reduces delays in deliveries and optimizes overall business performance.


Data Gathering


Want to see into the future? Give your fleet a competitive advantage? Collect data on changing environments so you and your fleet can anticipate future travel conditions. Use collected data to analyze drive time, days driven and total distance travelled with advanced tracking telematics. Make decisions to optimize the efficiency of your fleet based on actual data. Our asset trackers allow you to maximize resources, and improve planning accuracy, so that all company assets are being put to good use. Anticipate the frequency of repairs and decrease the risk of breakdowns.




ZenduIT doesn’t just provide GPS fleet tracking systems; we provide comprehensive business solutions. We’ll create an optimized environment whereby you can make informed decisions to drive profitability and prevent loss by staying connected to your fleet and up to date on asset activity. Minimize downtime, save money and keep your workers safe.


We work with you to understand your business needs, pain points and practices to implement solutions with the industry’s most powerful and reliable asset tracking systems. Track, protect and optimize your fleet today! Contact one of our asset tracker specialists by clicking here and experience the ZenduIT difference.