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All-In-One Solutions Are At The Core Of Cost-Saving Strategies

January 22, 2021

Victoria Gole

All-In-One Solutions Are At The Core Of Cost-Saving Strategies

Saving money is on every business’ docket this year. Resellers need to work harder to ensure they provide clients the best solution, at the best price to provide the best return. To help resellers achieve this, it’s critical that cost-saving strategies are employed by leveraging all-in-one-solutions.


The New Cost-Saving Strategy For Fleets To Implement 


A cost-saving strategy may seem fairly easy to implement. However, we find that many businesses are still unsure of where to start. Whether they are misinformed about the technology they are using or they are just unaware of new tools that can help, it’s time for this to change. 


What Is An All-One-Solution And Why Should It Be Used To Save Costs


For some fleets, implementing an all-in-one solution is not as easy as it sounds. If they have been in business for a number of years, it is likely that they already have various hardware and software solutions in place, meaning to be successful at applying an all-in-one solution strategy to save costs, they must forgo using the tools they are using. 

Once fleets are prepared to remove old or outdated hardware or software and are searching for new solutions, resellers must show the business the right strategy and demonstrate how it can be used. Whether this is through marketing collateral, in depth conversations to discuss the solution or live demonstrations to show how the solution can truly help, this step is critical and must not be overlooked. Without showing proof, your client may find it difficult to commit to overhauling their current processes and procedures. 


The Product That Resellers Need To Leverage


Currently, there are few all-in-one solutions available on the market. But it should be noted that Zenduit’s ZenBeacon is a top tier solution that nearly any fleet can leverage. Meaning resellers can see continuous success in winning accounts by being well versed on this device. The ZenBeacon tracker is a low energy Bluetooth asset tag that is proven to be successful for tracking of tools, bins, cargo containers and other assets within a static location in a BLE gateway via Bluetooth tags. 


Not only can the ZenBeacon monitor and display data on the GPS location of assets but the environmental conditions where the device is stored as well as the battery life. More specifically the asset tracker is praised for doing the following:

  • Report on whether an asset has been transported safely via motion and impact sensing technology
  • Report temperature specs of the location of the asset, including light exposure and humidity
  • Report on whether the tag was removed from the asset at any time
  • Report on the battery level and provide warnings when batteries are low
  • Report on the location and approximate distance from a smartphone


Since the features of the ZenBeacon are so widespread, fleets are able to cut costs on the number of solutions they are using. So rather than using different devices to report on GPS location or temperature, a single low cost device can be used as an all-in-one solution. Not to mention the device automatically reports and allows for managers to evaluate utilization and better manage their operations. 


Additionally, the ZenBeacon utilizes a single sign on option when viewing data via the ZenduCAM/Trax solution and can be accessed via computer, tablet and mobile devices. The device does not require cellular connectivity as it leverages Bluetooth connectivity and allows for over-the-air configuration updates.


Who Is Using The ZenBeacon As An All-In-One Solution?


After learning about the various features of the ZenBeacon it’s easy to see how it’s a solution that can be easily integrated into the cost saving strategies of various fleets. However, the most fleets who are currently using the tracker are reefer fleets moving temperature sensitive goods, construction fleets monitoring asset activity and location on job sites and even the mining sector to monitor asset and vehicle proximity.


While this is not a comprehensive list, the features are cross functional across various industries looking to monitor and report on location, temperature, utilization, and more.


What Additional Benefits Are Fleets Noticing From Using The All-In-One ZenBeacon

While cost-savings from reducing the number of asset tracker types are one of the most common benefits that fleets notice when implementing an all-in-one strategy like the ZenBeacon, many fleets also report on noticing the following benefits that translate into cost-savings after long-term use: 

  • Proper and efficient inventory management of assets and goods
  • Improved management of equipment and shipments
  • Opening in their daily schedule as many tasks are digitized and streamlined
  • Fewer concerns and headaches related to tracking and monitor assets and goods


Using an all-in-one solution as a strategy is critical for fleets to use this year and with the ZenBeacon, fleets in nearly every industry can utilize the features and see the benefits listed above. However we understand that some fleets require asset trackers that monitor even more unique needs so encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our various asset trackers and management options.