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The Power Of Telematics: Lasting Impacts For School Transit And Beyond

September 27, 2021


The Power Of Telematics: Lasting Impacts For School Transit And Beyond

In the ever-evolving world of IoT, telematics remains a nucleus of connectivity, converting everything it touches into a powerful data collection platform. This month, we’ve explored the power of such connectivity with regards to school transit systems, a prime example of what happens when school districts leverage the power of GPS to create transparency between educators, students and parents.


In this post, we’ll explore the wider applications for telematics as it applies to school transit and how a wealth of data can have far-reaching benefits beyond getting children to school on time.


Child Safety


Drivers and school admins are responsible for the safety and transportation of each and every child in their care. Unfortunately, there are still instances where a child may be left on a bus or otherwise overlooked, which can result in hefty fines or much worse. 


While most schools have a system in place for standardized bus clearing, those methods can be fraught with inconsistencies and time challenges. Considering the work involved with managing 30+ children, extensive log sheets, schedules and procedural checks and balances, even the most attentive bus driver can be driven to distraction from time to time.


A complete telematics solution and fleet management platform can help school transportation authorities ensure their students’ safety, while also saving time and resources. Telematics can help:

  • Verify that a student has gotten on or off­ the bus through GPS and/or traveller tags
  • Increasing productivity with automation processes such as tracking departures and arrivals
  • Minimize repair costs and reduce fuel expenses
  • Protect your department from false claims with real-time vehicle monitoring
  • Automatically tracking time and attendance, which reduces manual labour
  • Ensure your vehicles are maintained and ready for operation


COVID Contact Tracing


While North America continues to navigate the after-effects of COVID, returning children safely  to the classroom remains top of mind. Telematics can be harnessed to help combat the latest variants with accurate contact tracing and in some cases, hygiene verification. Communities can leverage cloud data for a complete view of a fleet’s sanitization efforts and most importantly, to know which students may have been in contact with a fellow student or driver who has tested positive for the virus.


For example, telematics platforms such as BusETA can produce reports to identify students who may have come into contact with a potentially ill driver or fellow student, a particularly valuable feature for fleets that employ substitute drivers or who travel between elementary and high schools on an average day.


Bus tracking is an essential support tool that not only connects schools and parents, but the greater community as well. Even with school closures, communities can leverage telematics data from bus fleets to support pandemic-driven community outreach initiatives, including meal delivery, homework delivery and providing mobile Wi-Fi hotspots to connect underserved communities.




School bus transportation is an expensive endeavor, no matter the district. School admins are responsible for assigning buses and bus routes in ways that are practical, economical and serve the best interests of their students. Telematics can help school districts build a positive relationship between students, parents and drivers while saving the local community money. 


Using intelligent GPS technology in bus fleets can streamline operational efficiency, which ultimately saves money and assures taxpayers that their dollars are being used efficiently. For example, capturing real-time engine and vehicle data prevents expensive breakdowns and keeps vehicles running. 


Furthermore, telematics can help drivers cut down on idling, which lowers fuel consumption and ultimately impacts a district’s bottom line. Moreover, when parents have visibility into bus routes through the BusETA app, schools can reduce time-consuming paperwork and phone calls from caregivers. Route optimization ensures the most efficient usage of resources, which saves everyone time and money. 


Agile and Scalable Solutions


Telematics help deliver a smarter school bus experience, with instantaneous tracking of bus location and students. In addition, adopting a flexible bus tracking system in your fleet can deliver the information you need while growing with your ridership.


Whether neighbourhoods gentrify or families migrate to areas where housing is more affordable, the right telematics solution can grow with your expanding operations while keeping parents in the know about bus routes and road conditions.


GPS and telematics data remove the uncertainty around student safety while connecting the greater community in far-reaching, impactful ways. Contact your ZenduIT consultant today for a free demonstration, and learn how our end-to-end telematics solutions can benefit your fleet and your community.