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Real-Time Arrival Information for Passengers

Bus ETA allows managers to provide live location updates of arriving buses and shuttles, as well as real-time updates of arrivals/departures for various bus stops. Managers can easily set routes and define which vehicles are assigned to routes or schedules. Bus ETA is automatically updated based on real-time conditions so customers can be provided with instant updates on their computers, tablets, or mobile devices.

Keep Your Customers Informed

With Bus ETA, customers no longer need to wonder where their bus or bus stop is. The easy-to-use interface lets riders determine when a bus is scheduled to arrive and where it currently is, so they no longer need to waste time waiting outside. By providing route details, information about delays, and current bus locations, you can prevent the hassle of confused riders contacting you.

Live Vehicle Tracking

Show riders the current bus location, arrival/departure times, expected route duration, and more. Riders can view information live or view timings beforehand.

Right At Your Fingertips

Our mobile apps are available on Android and iOS so you riders can stay connected anywhere. The simple user interface lets your riders take advantage of all the features and data available to them.

Seamless Route Creation

Setup and customize your bus routes yourself with Bus ETA’s easy-to-use interface. Create routes based on existing zones to save time, or input waypoints on the map yourself. Once the route is route is setup, your public map for users is automatically generated. Add your company name to the public map to keep your company brand strong.

Smart and Easy Routing

Create your route by selecting points or zones on a map. Our smart route optimizer can optionally maximize route efficiency, saving your fleet money.

Highly Customizable

Configure operating hours for a route, decide which vehicles can drive the route, and select which users are able to view the route.