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ZenduIT MDM Solution

Administer and Manage Company Devices

With Zenduit MDM, managing your fleet’s devices has never been easier. Regardless of company size, device owner, and device use case, Zenduit MDM simplifies the device management process at all levels.

Leading Mobile Device Management Features

Zenduit MDM comes with a wide array of features. Perform fast setup and troubleshooting with remote access & wipe, use “kiosk mode” to limit a device to a single app or handful of apps, and regulate security permissions such as password strength, VPN settings, and security certificates.

Batch Updates and Downloads

Quickly administer software updates or new applications to your entire fleet without having to manually configure each device.

Blacklists and Whitelists

Control which applications and websites are allowed to run on your company devices. You can also enable default applications which are installed automatically and cannot be deleted.

Geofencing and GPS

Set up different device policies based on the device’s location. With location tracking, never lose a device again.