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Zendu TruckMate Integration

Complete TruckMate Functionality in Geotab

TruckMate is a robust trucking industry solution that manages billing, dispatching, maintenance, asset management and driver recruitment. Your organization’s information is consolidated into one central system. With Zenduit’s TruckMate Integration, connect TruckMate services to MyGeotab and Geotab Drive right out of the box. It can also be integrated to work with other business systems using an open software development kit.

Important Mobile Features For Your Drivers

The Zendu TruckMate app introduces a host of features made available to your drivers with its easy to use interface. The Geotab Drive app add-in also allows your drivers to access TruckMate features and more, such as HOS availability, driver logs, and shortcuts for maps and dial pads.

Live Dispatching

Drivers can receive work order dispatches live. They can select which jobs to take from a list, and will automatically send back notifications upon delivery and other events.

Custom Forms

Custom forms allow for different dispatches to contain unique fields. Fields include proof of delivery confirmations such as image uploads and signature pads.

Make Administrative Tasks Much Easier

Configure information about your business such as drivers, administrators, macros, vehicles, and more. Zenduit’s TruckMate Integration lets you access and make changes to your TruckMate database from within MyGeotab, while including new, Zenduit-designed features.

Email Notifications

Send tracking updates to your customers and let them know when a delivery is made with email notifications. Embed your own customer surveys and company logos to customize your emails.

Freight Bill Status

Updates to freight bills can be sent to TruckMate manually or be triggered automatically with a geo-fence. TruckMate Integration also support dynamic forward dispatch/driver return forms.