Ok Alone | Time-based Lone Worker Safety Monitoring Solution
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Ok Alone

Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

Ok Alone is a time-based lone worker safety monitoring solution. Lone workers respond to periodic check-in times using the simple mobile app, making it easy to comply with lone worker health and safety regulations. Their managers can track met and missed check-ins from within MyGeotab, making it easy to send help if needed.

Lone Worker Safety

Ok Alone makes it easy to find lone workers in an emergency, even while they’re on the move. The GPS system pinpoints the location of both the vehicle and worker for complete safety coverage. Ok Alone requires no special hardware, making it the most affordable solution.

Easy To Use

Ok Alone is simple to operate, requiring minimal training and no special hardware. This simple solution ensures you won’t sacrifice productivity to meet lone worker safety goals.

Optional Live Monitoring

The Live Operator Monitoring call centre monitors and responds to missed check-ins so you don’t have to. Feel confident your lone workers are taken care of, leaving you free to focus on other work responsibilities.

Highly Customizable

Customize everything from the check-in process, to the reminder notifications and escalation procedures to fit the way your fleet works.