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How ZenduCAM’s Commercial Dash Cam Solutions Boost Your Fleet’s Productivity

July 26, 2021


How ZenduCAM’s Commercial Dash Cam Solutions Boost Your Fleet’s Productivity

In many ways, most commercial dash cam systems offer the same features; at least one camera that focuses on the road, very likely a secondary device that faces the driver, content is recorded and stored, either on an SD card or on a cloud based system.


However, when it comes to keeping your fleet safe and productive, not all camera systems are created equal. If we think of the main issues that dash cams are supposed to solve for — when, where, why and how certain driving behaviours occur — it’s apparent that some systems fall short. Ultimately, your purchase decision will depend on your business needs, fleet size, how scalable the dash cam system is and how seamlessly it integrates with your existing workflows.


At ZenduIT, we have fully-integrated dash cam solutions for your fleet, regardless of size and scope. In this post, we’ll explore how ZenduCAM stacks up to its competition, and the features that set it apart from the herd.


Business IQ


“For us, it boils down to our software,” says Ron Sabbun, who works with Strategic Partnerships at ZenduIT. Sabbun claims that the business intelligence gathered and the resulting data can be interpreted in a number of ways that optimize business performance and ROI. “Not just video incidents, but interpreting driver behaviour, how specific behaviours have either increased or decreased over time, the ability to use the platform to coach drivers. That’s rare. Not too many platforms do that.”


ZenduCAM telematics provide end-to-end data that help businesses make informed decisions about their fleet while enhancing productivity. Sabbun points to ZenduCAM’s “scorecard” system, which keeps a running tally of a driver’s performance in real-time, based on predetermined rules. “Most of today’s platforms are basic. ‘Here’s an incident’, ‘Here’s a video’, ‘Here’s a map’, ‘This is where your vehicles are’. That’s it,” Sabbun says. 


“We go above and beyond by creating a database based on specific events or incident rules that you set up into the dash cam. Take our scorecard for example. You actually need more of a robust platform to get a better idea of how well your drivers are performing, based on specific metrics that you want to monitor. Whether it’s how many times your drivers have been on their cell phone, how many times they’ve been speeding, how many harsh breaking incidents there have been, whether they’re smoking in the cab, etc.”


Armed with those metrics, fleet managers can create scorecards that help drivers measure their performance against fellow coworkers, while offering insights into which specific behaviours caused their score to fall. These insights also help managers create and manage coaching history to improve performance.


Live Streaming


Many dash cam systems simply record footage onto an SD card, providing hours of video that a fleet manager then has to wade through. “At the end of the day, video’s just video,” Sabbun says, adding that most managers don’t have the time or bandwidth to surveil their drivers.


ZenduCAM offers live, cloud-based streaming, so a fleet manager can receive a notification when there’s a trigger event, and can then address, or even avoid, the incident in real-time. “Our cameras have an audible alert. So for example, if I’m driving using a cell phone, the camera detects it and makes an audible beeping sound to remind me to focus on the road,” says Sabbun. “With a cloud-based solution, you can mitigate that risk because you would have detected that behaviour. I think that live streaming is a great feature.” 


What’s more, ZenduCAM has unlimited storage, ensuring all your road events are recorded and retained, while easily accessing data from any device. With an easy installation process and wireless expandability, the question isn’t “why would you need ZenduCAM?” but rather “Why wouldn’t you?”




Whether you’re reconstructing an accident to exonerate your driver, promoting safe driving habits and compliance, or coaching your drivers along a pathway to success, ZenduCAM helps you protect your fleet and your business. Call one of our specialists today and ask how ZenduCAM can work for you.