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Rose Rock Midstream Field Services – ZenduMaintenance

May 31, 2019

Jayant Arora

Rose Rock Midstream Field Services – ZenduMaintenance

Rose Rock Midstream Field Service used ZenduMaintenance for their complete vehicle maintenance solution. From scheduling work orders for maintenance to tracking and ordering parts and supplies. With ZenduMaintenances flexibility, Rose Rock was able to meet all their needs from the software. Managers and mechanics were able to attach and upload files directly through the software, improving information distribution and storage. Totalling in over $1500 a vehicle per year in savings.

Maintenance managers are able to track, review, and assign, track, and review completed work orders easily. Ensuring that vehicle maintenance is completed to company standards, reducing on average by 8% per asset. The overall conclusion drawn by administration is the significant improvement of the organization that the software provides.

Mechanics were able to fill out work orders directly on their tablets and submit the forms digitally to management. Meaning paper forms were completely eliminated from their workflow. In addition to Rose Rock being a large organization, having multiple facilities in different locations. ZenduMaintenance was able to give all the facilities to share and integrate information such as stock levels, vehicle location, and health. With the ability to give mechanics user clearances, as to which assets they can few.

Rose Rock fleet management team utilizes ZenduMaintenance as their holistic maintenance management software. From Scheduling maintenance, work orders, asset management, to parts resupply and inventory management.

From the administration workflow, they have full access to completed work orders. Managers can view all completed work orders, ensuring the appropriate steps and procedures are taken during vehicle inspection and maintenance. In addition to a well-structured workflow through assigning work orders to specific mechanics. The overall conclusion drawn by administration is the significant improvement of the organization that the software provides.

For mechanics, completing work orders could not be simpler. From start to finish everything is digital and mobile, meaning no need to pick up or drop off any paperwork or spend time searching for the specific work order needed for a vehicle. Everything is simply organized, filled out, and submitted through their tablets, and the driver feedback is great. “ Using tablets for completing work orders, makes our work a lot easier.” – Daniela, Fleet Administrative Assistant – Rose Rock Midstream Field Services

Previous to ZenduMaintenance they used a very static software that did not allow for changes of workflows, meaning it was not the right platform to promote company growth.
Due to the software not having the necessary features needed, there was still physical paperwork that went along with completing work orders.

In addition, Rose Rock did not have the ability to schedule and assign work orders to specific mechanics, greatly reducing the productivity of workflows. Furthermore, the software was not able to adapt to changes, such as taking assets offline.

With ZenduMaintenance being a multi-platform software, drivers are able to complete work order right on their tablets, making their work much easier. There is no need for manually filing paperwork and then submitting them to the office. Drivers can receive and fill out work orders without ever stepping in the office, all done remotely.

With multiple facilities, Rose Rock utilizes the user security clearance feature. This makes it so that employees have access to assets belonging to their respective facility, rather than searching through a large array of assets. If a mechanic works at Facility A, they only have access to assets in Facility A, rather than assets in other facilities.

The parts and supplies team is able to manage and track all assets within ZenduMaintenance. This allows them to remain up to date with what supplies need to be ordered. In turn, this improves workflow efficiency and reduces the chances of being over or undersupplied.

Furthermore, mechanics and administration can upload files to the platform, allowing for information storage and sharing directly on ZenduMaintenance. The feature helps Rose Rock mechanics send and share information with their managers.

Using ZenduMaintenance Rose Rock was able to completely remove paperwork out of their workflow operations. In addition, they were able to drastically reduce the time for work order completion by

With all the maintenance operation needs being consolidated within one platform, the team was able to reduce downtime by 18%.

Totalling in over $1500 a vehicle per year in savings.

Testimonial or Quotes from Customer

“ZenduMaintenance makes drivers work a lot easier, there is no need for paperwork anymore” – Daniela, Fleet Administrative Assistant – Rose Rock Midstream Field Services

“Mechanics love the paperless workflow of ZenduMaintenance. Organization has never been easier.” – Daniela, Fleet Administrative Assistant