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Save Time and Boost Safety With a Managed Alert Filtering Service
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Incident Review

With the Managed Services program in ZenduCAM+, our team reviews potential driving incidents so you don’t need to spend hours sifting through video footage. Here’s how it works:

1. Rule Triggered

When poor or dangerous driving behaviours are detected, an alert is triggered in our system.

2. Video Transmission

The camera(s) transmits a 20 second clip of the incident so it can be reviewed.

3. Video Inspection

Footage is then reviewed by an experienced team to determine whether further action is required.

4. Actionable Or Dismissed

False triggers are dismissed, but if the video requires action, the clip is forwarded to managers with recommendations.

5. Coaching

Once received, the fleet manager, can send personalized messages to drivers so driving behaviours can be improved.

6. Success

Fast review times and recommendations of footage allow fleet managers to reach safety and productivity goals!

Driver Ranking

View the performance of your drivers at a glance with our built in demerit points system and break down the performance of each driver individually in detailed scorecards.

Direct Communication

Maintain a direct line of communication with the drivers by email or text throughout the coaching process. Video and acknowledgement link is sent directly to the driver.

Efficient and Effective

Greatly reduce the volume of footage a fleet manager would have to manually sort through by signing up for Managed Services. Our expert team is trained to review footage on your behalf, sending you only the actionable coaching videos.