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Revolutionize How You Track Your AssetsComprehensive solutions for asset tracking and cold chain monitoring to keep your fleet connected and efficient

Increased Equipment Security

Increased Equipment Security

Ensure the safety and security of costly equipment with real-time tracking, reducing theft and unauthorized use.

Optimized Equipment Performance

Optimized Equipment Performance

Utilize asset tracking to monitor equipment performance in real-time, ensuring peak operational efficiency and reducing downtime.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Prevent costly downtime with predictive maintenance alerts, keeping critical equipment operational.

Data-Driven Operational Insights

Data-Driven Operational Insights

Gain valuable insights into operational processes through detailed asset tracking data, enabling smarter decision-making and process optimization.

Asset Utilization and Security

Asset Utilization and Security

Maximize the use of expensive equipment by tracking location and usage, ensuring optimal deployment and theft prevention.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Keep track of assets in remote or harsh environments, ensuring continuous operation and quick response to issues.

Monitor Asset Condition

Real-time insight into asset health
Assurance of asset quality and performance
Fuel level
Engine speed
Battery health
Onboard diagnostics
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Monitor Asset Condition

Identify Under or Over Utilized Assets

Data-driven usage analysis
Balanced asset workload
Insights into operational inefficiencies
Informed decision-making for asset reallocation or procurement
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Visibility and Control

Improved decision-making with real-time data
Increased operational efficiency
Enhanced operational transparency
Better risk management and response capability
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Minimize Downtime

Minimize Downtime

Proactive identification of potential issues
Higher asset availability and reliability
Efficient scheduling for repairs and maintenance
Lower maintenance and repair costs
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Maintenance Reminders and Preventative Maintenance

Regular upkeep based on usage patterns
Prolonged asset life
Early detection of wear and tear
Avoidance of major repairs and associated costs
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Maintenance Reminders and Preventative Maintenance
Eliminate Time Spent Looking for Moved or Misplaced Assets

Eliminate Time Spent Looking for Moved or Misplaced Assets

Quick location of assets
Time savings leading to increased productivity
Reduced manual search efforts
Reduced frustration and operational disruptions
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Billing and Job Costing

Accurate tracking of asset usage for billing
Improved billing accuracy and profitability
Detailed data for job costing analysis
Enhanced transparency with clients
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Billing and Job Costing
Monitor High Valued Assets

Monitor High Valued Assets

Specialized tracking for non-powered, high-value assets
Protection of critical investments
Continuous surveillance and status updates
Peace of mind for asset managers and owners
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Entry and Exit Times

Accurate tracking of asset movement
Improved site/project security
Data for optimizing operations and scheduling
Enhanced planning and time management
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Entry and Exit Times

Use Cases


Hazardous Area Alerts

Provide alerts when equipment enter hazardous zones

Real-Time Equipment Location

Locate equipment quickly on large construction sites to reduce downtime

Efficient Resource Allocation

Utilize tracking data to allocate resources where they are most needed in real-time

Automated Inventory Management

Track materials and tools to streamline inventory management and reduce losses

Data-Driven Expansion Decisions

Use asset usage data to inform decisions about where and how to expand operations


Vehicle Safety Monitoring

Monitor vehicle health and performance to prevent accidents

Optimized Route Planning

Use real-time data for efficient route management to reduce fuel consumption and delays

Fleet Utilization Analysis

Analyze fleet data to improve vehicle usage and reduce idle time

Automated Scheduling and Dispatch

Streamline scheduling and dispatch based on real-time vehicle availability

Scalable Fleet Management

Efficiently manage a growing fleet of vehicles

New Service Area Exploration

Leverage tracking data to identify potential new service areas or routes

Enhanced Customer Service Capabilities

Utilize tracking data to offer additional services like real-time updates to customers

Oil & Gas

Hazardous Equipment Monitoring

Monitor the status and location of equipment in hazardous environments

Equipment Utilization Optimization

Track and analyze equipment usage to maximize efficiency

Maintenance Scheduling

Use predictive maintenance data to prevent equipment failures

Supply Chain Optimization

Monitor the movement of materials and resources to streamline supply chain operations

Asset Lifecycle Management

Use tracking data to plan for asset upgrades and replacements in line with business expansion

Trucking and Logistics

Cargo Security Monitoring

Enhance the security of cargo during transit with real-time tracking and alerts for unauthorized access

Emergency Incident Response

Enable quick response to vehicle accidents or emergencies with accurate location tracking

Real-Time Fleet Management

Optimize fleet operations with live tracking of vehicles for efficient route planning and scheduling

Load and Capacity Optimization

Use tracking data to optimize cargo loads and vehicle capacity utilization

Scalable Tracking for Fleet Expansion

Efficiently manage an increasing number of vehicles and assets as the business grows

Market Expansion Analysis

Utilize tracking data to analyze new market opportunities and logistic routes

Enhanced Customer Service

Leverage tracking information to provide customers with real-time updates and improve service offerings.


What is a ZenduTracker?

The ZenduTracker device is a small vehicle tracking device (asset tracker) that plugs into a vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) II port without an antenna or wire-splicing required. Adapters are available for those without an OBD II port, and you don’t need special tools or professionals to help during the installation process. As soon as you begin to drive, the device starts recording rich data on vehicle location, speed, engine idling, distance and much more with end-to-end security.

What are the benefits of choosing ZenduTracker systems?

ZenduTracker fleet vehicle tracking systems provide accurate tracking, easy-to-use dashboard reports, supporting safety, productivity and expandability.

Does the ZenduTracker allow for real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles?

Yes, the ZenduTracker device enables you to track and monitor your vehicles in real-time.