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Product Update Notes: May 2022

May 31, 2022

Rohan Gosavi

Product Update Notes: May 2022

Mississauga, ON – May 31, 2022 – This month ZenduIT announced updates for its ZenduiT Indoor Tracking, ZenduForms, ZenduCAM, and Trax Jobs solution. These updates improve the solution user interface and user experience by allowing users to access multiple features and performance insights from a single interface


Available May 2022: ZenduiT Indoor Tracking Solutions – Customized reordering of the maps

In the admin option, We have added an option to customize the order of the maps. It allows the administrator to customize the order of the indoor maps based on the preferences with a drag and drop motion. The custom order of the map will be then reflected other users in the map section of ZenduCAM.


Available May 2022: ZenduiT Indoor Tracking Solutions – Support for Humidity and Temperature Sensors to gauge real-time temperature and humidity data

In the new update, we have added support for the Humidity and Temperature Sensors. Users can now monitor temperature and humidity seamlessly on a particular map region and create alerts to be delivered via text (SMS), push notifications, or email.


Available May 2022: ZenduCAM – Ability to view exceptions from single trips and ability to resize the screens

Access a detailed view of any event triggered in a single trip by clicking on the event flag on the trip breadcrumb or from the speed chart. Also, exceptions can now be viewed with a larger display on the live asset display as the side layout gets collapsed when accessing the exception.


Available May 2022: ZenduCAM – Request a custom video snippet option for the trip

Recall up to 8 mins of video from any trip by hovering on the trip’s breadcrumb and right-clicking on the hovered part to request media at that timestamp.


Available May 2022: ZenduCAM – Support adding rules and custom messages for devices

For Streamax devices, we have added the ability for Rules. We have added new actions under rules such as Text to speech, which helps users to set custom text on the go which will appear once the rule is triggered.


Available May 2022: ZenduForm – Addition of delete form option

For ZenduForms, we have added options to delete an existing form that is not in use thus helping users to eliminate the clutter in the main menu.


Available May 2022: ZenduCAM – Addition of Customer ID and Fax number data fields

For Jobs, we have added new data fields for the Geofence customers. Managers can add custom customer ID and Fax numbers for the customer. The data is also visible to the managers when they are creating jobs for the customer.


Available May 2022: Trax Jobs – Addition of new filters for sorting estimation and actual data for Job Trips

In the insight option, we have added new jobs option in the filters to sort insights based on Vehicles and Jobs. Users can now view the estimated and Actual completion times of specific jobs by selecting the new Job button in the filter.


Available May 2022: Trax Jobs – Addition of preview form button when creating Jobs

While creating a job, we have added the preview form button. After selecting a specific job, managers can get a detailed preview of the form they want to select for the specific job by clicking on the preview button.


Available May 2022: ZenduCAM – Addition of Chat option to send custom messages to drivers

We have added the ability to Chat for the Streamax devices. Once the manager navigates to the cameras, he can access the new chat option and send custom messages to the driver. It helps managers to set up custom messages for drivers to enable real-time in-cabin coaching.


Available May 2022: ZenduCAM – Addition of exceptions highlighters on the map

In ZenduCAM, we have added the ability to see all exceptions related to Job trips on the map itself. Managers can click on the exceptions to view the complete details and associated data about the exceptions.


Available May 2022: ZenduCAM – Addition of tabular layout, filter, and search option for the location visit reports

In ZenduCAM, we have added a tabular layout for showcasing the location visits insights. This helps managers to have a clutter-free siloed view of the data and the sections. We have also added new filters and a search bar enabling managers to search for specific data records in the section.


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