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Product Update Notes: March 2022

March 30, 2022

Rohan Gosavi

Product Update Notes: March 2022

Mississauga, ON – March 30, 2022 – This month ZenduIT announced updates for its ZenduCAM, Trax Jobs, and ZenduBusRoute (Bus ETA) solution. These updates improve the solution user interface and user experience by allowing users to access multiple features and performance insights from a single interface


Available March 2022: Trax SM – Snapshots for ZenduCAM ADPlus

ZenduiT is introducing Snapshots to the ZenduCAM AD Plus, allowing events to be configured to capture images and the ability to generate hyper-lapse for your trips.


Available March 2022: Addition of Filters in Trax Scheduled Reports

Highly requested by our partners, we are enhancing the experience of some of our scheduled reports by enabling additional filters for some existing reports, for ex:

  • Customers can now see the activity of their fleet in the given zone or location by accessing the zonal filter to get the report of activity from the past month and see what is the fleet performance in that zone
  • Also, for exceptions, customers are now able to filter exceptions by rules and review any high critical rule event report for the last month so that they can coach drivers against the rules which are flagged or escalated or evaluate their performance


Available March 2022: Trax Geofences now Support Polygon

We have introduced polygon geofence creation for Trax. With the flexibility of the ZenduCAM interface, customers can now create polygon and circle geofences either from the map directly or from the admin portal of ZenduCAM. They can also edit the existing geofences based on their requirements on the map by clicking on the created geofence.


Available March 2022: Trax Jobs Integration with ZenduONE Mobile Application

With the new update, Trax jobs are fully integrated with the ZenduOne mobile application. With the new Trax Jobs update, when the driver arrives at a particular location or customer site, it automatically detects the work orders and their delivery location which are nearby. Drivers can select the work orders and complete their delivery. It helps drivers to save time and avoid navigating through multiple interfaces to search for a particular job, select work order, their locations, and confirm that it is completed.



Available March 2022: Trax Jobs – Edit and View Job Details

With the new feature, dispatchers now have the ability to edit and view the job details so they can view the status of the jobs and can edit the jobs directly from the jobs interface.



Available March 2022: Trax Jobs – Preview Route before Starting the Trip

With the update, drivers now have the option to preview the route so that they can have an idea of the whole route and total time and distance so that they can organize their job accordingly.



Available March 2022: Trax Jobs – Comments by Driver and Administrator

We have the capability to add comments by the driver on the job. This enables seamless communication between the dispatcher and the driver and if there is any issue in the route or work order, it can be highlighted and suggestions can be obtained to achieve a seamless delivery



Available March 2022: ZenduBusRoute – Multibus Handling / Tracking

With the new update, customers can now track multiple buses traveling on the same route heading in the same direction which was not possible before. They can even track the ETA of individual buses in the direction so that customers can plan their journey accordingly.



Available March 2022: ZenduBusRoute – Route Detection Threshold

With the update, customers can track and detect the bus even if it takes a detour and is not following the planned route due to traffic jams or another issue. This helps in keeping the ETA and route active even if a minor diversion is taken by the bus.



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