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How AI and IoT are Transforming Fleet Management

July 19, 2022

Over the past few decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have rapidly expanded into a number of industries, revolutionizing them in the process. From healthcare to commercial fleets, there aren’t many businesses that haven’t been positively impacted by the innovations of AI technology. 

Once the bastion of advanced IT teams, AI technology has driven innovation in two key areas: automation and operational insight. Below, we’ll uncover some of the ways in which AI and IoT have revolutionized fleet management.

Automated Decision-Making

From driver behaviour and route optimization to engine health and hours of service, decision-making is one of the most time consuming components of fleet management. 

AI makes it possible to make faster data-based decisions with better outcomes for teams and fleets. 

For example, AI-based data mining tools can search massive amounts of data for patterns that enable organizations to learn more about their customers, develop more effective operational strategies, increase sales and minimize costs. 

As another example, AI technology can improve a fleet manager’s decision-making when it comes to understanding fuel economy, the second biggest operational cost for a fleet. 

Based on relationship between drivers, vehicles and terrain, a manager can identify whether the issue lies with the driver or the vehicle (or both). He can then adjust these variables for better fuel economy.

AI ensures that these insights are derived at a much faster rate, saving fleet managers valuable time and resources.

AI Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition & Telematics

Another AI technology feature that can automate fleet operations and ensure driver safety is facial recognition. 

Fleet dash cams are a big growth area in telematics. According to a report by Frost & Sullivan, the video telematics market will grow by 22.2% from 2020-2025, with nearly 3.2 million customers. 

AI facial recognition offers important proactive safety benefits; whether it detects a drowsy driver or an oncoming accident, this technology will trigger audible or even haptic (tactile) in-cab warnings that can help prevent an accident. 

Facial recognition can even be used to unlock or start vehicles, or identify the driver behind the wheel to prevent theft or misuse. 

Video footage from in-cab dash cams is a powerful tool for insurance claims and driver safety training; in fact, visual evidence can reduce collisions by 60%, and can reduce collision costs by 75%. 

Improving Driver Safety

Drivers can benefit extensively from IoT technology. With increasing demand on drivers to work longer hours and the threat of an accident ever-looming, it is more important than ever to implement these tools. 

Driver operation data is made available to fleet managers through IoT, who can then proactively assess performance, identify the need for training or address other issues that affect their fleet. 

IoT doesn’t just focus on driver behaviour to assess safety; there are a number of vehicle operations that can be tracked and automated to ensure that your staff stay safe on the road.

For example, this technology can automatically track and check vehicle inspections, including engine, tire and other component functionality to ensure that your fleet is performing as safely as possible, reducing risks of accidents and injury.

Fleet management

AI Technology and Fleet Management

These technologies streamline fleet processes by gradually eliminating human error, enabling managers, drivers and mechanics to make better decisions that improve the long-term performance of their fleet.

AI fleet management can automate processes and provide insight into your fleet’s activity, saving you time, money and resources now and in the future. Whether you’re looking to monitor your drivers or better manage resources to ensure efficiency within your operations, there is an AI solution for your fleet. Contact us at ZenduiT today to see how we can help you realize optimal fleet performance with next-level technology.

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