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GPS Tracking: A Secret For Every Fleet-Based Business

March 16, 2020


GPS Tracking: A Secret For Every Fleet-Based Business

The more data that a business can gather about their assets, the better. This is especially true for businesses in various industries such as construction, transportation and even aviation who need to know exactly where their assets are at all times. As GPS tracking and location monitoring can help teams better organize themselves and even improve their efforts, it’s something that can’t be overlooked. 

Businesses Benefiting From GPS Tracking

Improved Efficiency and Planning 

Having accurate and ongoing GPS data can help businesses better meet the needs of customers. This is especially true with any organization that relies on being able to deliver products or services. When GPS location data is known, managers and dispatchers can accurately and properly utilize arrival, departure and other information to their advantage.    This is seen when businesses within the delivery and transportation sector use the GPS data of vehicles and delivery destinations to better allocate teams to work efficiently. Meaning deliveries within certain areas can be completed by one individual rather than multiple drivers. Ultimately streamlining and optimizing routes and efforts to increase workloads. This is seen through innovative solutions such as Trax to show real-time status, work order updates and more to drive efforts forward. 

Better Control and Visibility 

Continuing the above point, GPS data allows for improved control and visibility of assets and efforts. Meaning, more structure and data-driven tasks can be deployed. In addition to improved streamlining of jobs, many find that GPS data can also reduce risk and increase accountability.  This is because these telematics devices can typically be paired with software that records asset activity that is stored on the cloud. So detours, idling, distance travelled and driving behaviours can be analyzed. Meaning drivers will be more aware of their driving behaviours because they will be notified by management on their driving history.    zenscoreFor example, businesses that are using GPS tools to track location and driving behaviour have seen success gathering information and using KPIs to create friendly contests among drivers. Rewarding the individuals who have the lowest driving incident rate or most efficient driving routes. This is seen through software applications like ZenScore that use GPS data to track KPI metrics to deliver reports on key driver rankings and behaviours. 

Boosted Cost-Savings

When GPS data is available, businesses find that the data that is collected can help improve finances and resource allocation. This is because the information gathered can relay critical insight to how teams can work more efficiently or cost-effectively.    For example, the data that GPS tracking collects allows for fleets to optimize route planning and even improve driving behaviour to limit idling and lower fuel usage (as mentioned briefly). All of which results in lower costs. This is through telematics software applications that inputs the data into reports that can not only be analyzed to drive awareness but automatically input routes to ensure productivity is maintained. 

Who Can Benefit? 

GPS information is important for any business who deploys vehicles as we have discussed how it can improve efficiency and planning, control and visibility as well as boost cost-savings. Some industries that are currently taking advantage of this innovative technology are courier or delivery services, logistics, construction, and public transportation. If you’re curious to learn how GPS data may benefit your business through an innovative software solution that tracks GPS location data, or whether others in the field are using it to their advantage, contact us today.