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January 20, 2020

On February 18, 2020, ZenduCAM is going to be refreshed to bring a more stylish and intuitive interface for users. Some of the exciting new enhancements include:

Redesign of the Top Menu to Create a Cleaner Look:

o   Devices, Users and Reports can now be found under Insights

o   For users that are using Mobile Dispatch, Jobs has been moved to Apps – Look for new additions to the Apps section in the future


zenducam updated

zendu ui


Introducing Map Settings

o Changing the data that appears on the map is easier than never before as there are additional settings to choose from

o Live location and trip history for specific vehicles – The new Location Sharing feature provides users with the ability to share links that expire after 4, 8, 12 and 24 hours


zenducam map settings

zenudcam locartion share


Have Questions or Want More Information? 

We are hosting a special ZenduCAM webinar that will happen on Tuesday, February 4 at 1:00pm (EST) (sign up here) as well as Thursday, February 6, at 2:00pm (EST) (sign up here).

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